Rustic Copper Inlay Solid Wood Dungeon Master Screen

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Solid wood Dungeon Master screen with aged copper inlay.

This unique hand made DM screen is perfect for any type of table top gaming and makes a perfect gift for your Dungeon Master. Ideal for those playing Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and more!

Featuring a 3 section folding and hinged design with antique effect catch and corner protectors.

The key feature that makes this screen truly special is its aged copper panels. We patina each copper panel by hand and inlay they into each screen. Because each panel patina's differently - each screen is unique!

Each screen also comes with a set of 6 of our nifty wipe clean initiative trackers. These handy trackers simply sit on top of your screen and are wipe clean when written on with a felt tipped or dry erase pen.

It also comes with a set of 5 inlayed magnets and matching D20 design magnetic note holders. This way you can hang up your notes, maps and plans on your screen without damaging it with pins or tape.

Size: 800x300mm when open and 400x300mm when closed.