- April 2024 - Introducing Splintered - 

As the owner of Fandomonium, we currently design, create and retail products for the tabletop gaming industry. After years of development this business has become self sustaining so I am creating a second brand "Splintered" to retail a new range of industrial style furniture, accessories and home decor.

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time now and I feel that now is the right time. We already have all of the equipment, resources and skill set in place from my existing company (we have a full woodshop, CNC routing and Laser engraving machines, spray painting facilities and photo studio) to make this a reality. I have always been interested in furniture design and with Splintered I can make furniture "my way".

I have always loved industrial or Loft Living style home design and in creating my own I can add my own influences and create them in my style. We have a small but growing range of tables and home decor items which will continue to grow over the coming months and include items such as shelving units, home bars, desks and office furniture along with matching.

Keeping with our background we are also part way through developing a range of gaming tables aimed at board game, wargaming and card game fans - all with our own "Splintered" twist!