Book Of Lost Souls Dungeon Master Screen

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Book of lost souls Dungeon Master Screen.

Made from solid wood and made to fold to resemble a book when not in use, this screen is stylish, fun and adds atmosphere to any game.

Comprising 4 solid wood panels connected using antiqued metal hinges; they fold together to resemble a book when closed. This makes it easy to store when not in use and transport if you are travelling to and from sessions.

Our screens are made from solid wood and sanded to a silky smooth finish. The inside light colour pages are precision laser engraved with our lost souls Dungeon Master motif while the outer pages are embellished with 3D carved skulls set into PU leather and finished with a gold painted 3D spine to complete the gothic look

Everything is finally finished with wax and polished by hand to protect your screen and give it shine.

Each screen also comes with a set of 4 magnetic note holders and metal pins set into the screen to hold your notes, maps, drawings and more without damaging your screen

When closed - 30cm(h) x 20cm(w)
When open - 30cm(h) x 72cm (w)