Dice Tray And Player Organiser

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Solid Walnut Dice Rolling Tray and Organizer and Spell Slot Tracker. Designed to make your game as simple and uncluttered as possible.

Made from a single piece of Walnut from our extensive stock of timber and CNC cut to order; these trays each have;
- 17x12.5cm dice rolling area
- Dice storage area
- Phone & Card stand area
- Spell slot tracker (or additional storage zone)
- Wipe clean white perspex AC, HP tracker and note pad. 

Size - 25x20x3.5cm

Each tray is made to order and finished by hand. We sand each tray until silky smooth and add 2 coats of wax to keep your tray looking shiny and protect it from dirt, spills and scratches. We then line each section with black felt to protect your dice and give true rolls.

Spell slot tracker - if you are a magic user, why not take advantage of our spell slot tracker? Simply keep a D6 dice with the number of spells left available for each spell level facing up and then go down 1 after each use! Suitable for use with any standard 16mm D6 dice. Please note - dice are not included. Don't want a spell slot tracker? Simply select " Additional Storage Zone" from the dropdown to have an additional storage zone instead.

Wipe Clean Perspex - our wipe clean white perspex is perfect for keeping track of you HP, AC and any quick notes you want to keep. Simply use a wipe clean felt tipped pen and write onto our inlayed white Perspex to make keeping track of your stats a breeze!