Engraved Stainless Steel Drinking Tankard - Choose your design!

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Engraved stainless steel drinking tankard.

Black enameled tankard engraved with your choice of 15 design options (See images for options)

Standing 13cm tall and holding 500ml, you'll stay refreshed during even the most tense combat!

By engraving the coating off the stainless steel it wont fade or wear; keeping your tankard looking its best for longer.

Perfect for tabletop gaming, dungeons and dragons TTRPG's, LARP and much more. Treat yourself and your party!

FREE PERSONALISATION - Want your name or short message adding to your design? We can do this for free! Simply add your chosen name of text to the personalisation box and we will add it above your design (if your text is several words we will scale to fit above and below your design)


Please note we will duplicate your text exactly as you type it, including spelling, punctuation and grammar. Be sure that you have entered your information correctly. We do not take responsibility for any of these errors.

We reserve the right to lay out your text in a way most appropriate for the product being engraved/printed. Different lengths or word and sentence can drastically change how a design will fit on the page and we will do our best to ensure your personal wording looks as good as possible. Because of this, your product may look slightly different to the layout advertised.

We can engrave/print custom designs including company logos or specific font families not offered as standard. Please contact us if you want to personalise or customise any of our products even further.

Dice not included.

Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only - Not Suitable For Dishwashers

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