Rocket design acrylic mirror

Rocket design acrylic mirror

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Attractive and fun rocket shaped acrylic mirror, by LaserCraft.

Made from acrylic rather than glass, our mirrors are lightweight, shatterproof and fit flat to the wall giving that modern flush look.

Ideal for children's bedrooms, motor homes, caravans or anywhere around the house.

5 sizes to choose from.

All mirrors are designed and made in our own workshop here in the UK.

About our mirrors

All of our mirrors are made from acrylic rather than glass. Acrylic is a form of plastic that is shatterproof, suitable for use outside and ideal for use where glass may potentially be unsafe.

Our mirrors are all laser cut on site and made from 3mm thick acrylic. They are lightweight and shatterproof, so no drilling, hammering, nailing or screwing is required.

The backs of the mirrors are flat and so will give a 'flush' look to any flat surface.

 All sizes are given from the mirror’s widest points and measured in centimetres so please be aware when measuring up.

How to mount our mirrors

There are various ways to mount your acrylic mirror. Sticky pads, which are available from most craft shops, supermarkets etc are one of the most popular methods. Double sided tape is also another good option. For larger mirrors (50cm +) or a more solid fix we recommend you use a glue such as PVA.

Surface preparation

The surface to which your mirror is to be attached must be clean, dry, grease fee, dust free and flat. Acrylic mirrors must not be placed above or on any heat source such as fires or radiators as this can cause distortion of the mirror. Our mirrors can be placed anywhere inside or outside your property.

We recommend that mirrors in some areas be more securely fixed to your wall, e.g. bathrooms because of the increased moisture in the room or outside when exposed to the elements. We suggest under these circumstances for you to use PVA glue suitable for acrylics such as "No More Nails".

Acrylic mirror care

We advise that you clean your mirror using a soft cloth and furniture polish. You can also use mild soap and water. We advise that you do not use glass/window cleaner or use abrasive cloths. 

Please note that we take no responsibility for any mirrors falling from walls.