The Screen Of Trapped Souls Dungeon Master Screen

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The Screen Of Trapped Souls Dungeon Master Screen

Beware the screen of trapped souls!

Made from solid wood with a black PU leather front; this screen is made to create atmosphere at your table. Complete with 3D skulls and hands protruding from the screen itself; stretching very planes of existence to escape!

Each screen has 2 3D skulls on the main panel and 2 pairs of 3D hands on the side panels. We complete each screen with a decorative wooden border and antique effect metal corner protectors to both protect your screen and add to the aged look.

The screen folds using antique effect metal hinges when not in use for easy storage and transportation.

Each screen also comes with a set of 5 inlayed 10mm metal discs along the top of the screen and 5 engraved wooden tokens with magnets attached for you to use to hold up your notes, maps and worksheets giving you more room on the tabletop without damaging your screen using pins or tape.

All of our screens are finished by hand and made to order.

Size: 800x300mm when open and 400x300mm when closed

Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Hero Quest and many other Tabletop RPG's