Tree Of Gondor Luxury Dice Box

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Tree Of Gondor Luxury Dice Box, Accessory Storage and Roll Tray.
Hand finished dice box for storing dice, cards, counters and accessories with handy pen storage and in built roll tray. Choose from 8 vibrant colour finished to make your box unique to you. Complete with our tree of Gondor design, metal corner protectors and clasp

Each box comes with
- Roll Tray Compartment - a black felt lined 280x130mm roll tray space. Perfect for keeping your trust dice on the table and of the floor.
- Dice Store - a 100x100 space to store your beloved dice. Fits 3 sets comfortably.
- Card/Accessory storage (x2) - 2 78x100mm compartments for storing cards, coins, trinkets, miniatures and any other small items you use as part of your game.
- Pen storage - a handy 280x20mm compartment to hold your pens and pencils securely.


Exterior Dimensions 300x150x40mm
Interior Dimensions -
- Roll Tray 280x130x12mm
- Dice storage 100x100x12mm
- Card\Accessory storage 78x100x12mm

How your box is made.

Cut in house from furniture quality birch ply using our precision CNC. We then sand each box to a smooth 1000 grit finish by hand before etching our custom Viking inspired motif into the box lid using our laser engraver. The box is then painted your choice of colour before 2 coats of premium danish oil is applied to protect your box for years to come. We then give your box a final polish before felt lining, closing claps and corner protectors are added.

The box shown is in dark oak. Dice, cards etc shown in photos not included.