Tree Of Life Yggdrasil Viking Engraved Storage Box

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Engraved solid wood dice box with Yggdrasil Tree Of Life Design and Norse Runes.

Choose from a selection of 3 sizes and 8 colour finishes to make your box unique to you. Made from solid balsa wood, they are both lightweight and strong. All boxes are lined with burgundy felt to protect your precious treasures. Suitable for jewellery, dice and trinkets.

Yggdrasill, or The World Tree, in Norse mythology, is a giant ash supporting the universe. Its roots extended from Niflheim, the underworld; right up to Asgard - the home of the Gods.

Engraved and stained on site; we finish each box to order. Image shows the box in purple

Small - 14(w) x 10(d) x 7(h)cm
Medium - 18 x 13 x 9cm
Large - 22 x 16 x 11cm

Colours; Dark Oak, Golden Oak, Rosewood, Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Green

To choose your box simply select the size of box with finish colour and then the design you would like.