Ultimate Dungeon Master Gift Set

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The Ultimate Dungeon Masters Gift Set!
A fully personalised gift set for your favourite DM! Co-ordinate your Dungeon Master accessories in style with this personalised set containing;
- DM screen
- Dice Tower
- Bamboo Notebook
- Set of 7 Polyhedral Chessex Dice
- Dice Box
- FREE Solid Pine Storage/Gift Box (Worth £30!)
Personalise each of the wooden items with your chosen name, character name, class, race, campaign name etc inside our custom D20 design to make a truly unique gift.

- DM Screen
This modular DM Screen comes in easy to store sections; each with 2 metal strike plates on each side (end pieces only have strike plates on one side so it looks nicer!)
To assemble your screen ready to play, simply place the rare earth spherical magnets against the strike plates and the add your next piece! The magnets provide a strong hold while enabling you to move each section so your screen fits around you and your DM accessories giving you room and the cover you need!
Size: Each panel is 20x20cm. This give you the height to look clearly over at your party while still keeping your secrets secret!
Each screen also comes with;
                       - Set of 5 inlaid magnets and holders. We custom fit a 5mm super strong magnets into each panel of your screen and a matching set of magnetic D20 shape note holders to easily keep notes and papers within easy view.
                      - Set of 6 easy to use, wipe clean acrylic initiative trackers. Designed to fit on top of your dungeon master screen to give both you and your party a clear view. Simply write character, NPC names onto each tracker with a wipeable pen and place according to initiative!
- Dice Tower
Rustic wooden dice tower/randomizer - perfect addition to any D&D or RPG set up.
Made to order from birch ply - we cut, varnish, wax and assemble each tower prior to delivery. All of our boxes are engraved with our custom D&D motif. The tower fits horizontally into the tray for easy storage and transportation
                        - 200x100x80 mm tower with 210x100x45mm catch tray.
- Bamboo Cover Notebook
Personalised bamboo spiral bound A5 notebook with lined paper. Engraved with our dice design, this is perfect to keep those character notes, ideas and doodles.
Each pad contains over 50 lined sheets.
- Dice Box
Keep your precious dice safe in our solid wood dice box.
Because if you look after your dice, maybe they'll look after you. (We're looking at you natural 1's)
This solid wood box has a hinged lid and antique effect catch - perfect for storing dice on the go. Each box is also felt lined for that extra luxury.
                             - 107 x 59 x 45mm (exterior dimensions)
- Dice
Set of 7 Polyhedral Chessex dice. Chessex dice are renowned for their quality and a set will go perfectly with this gift set. We cannot guarantee which design of dice we will include due to our stock levels constantly fluctuating; however they will be from the Chessex Gemini, Speckled or Scarab range (all are multi colour and really cool!)
- Free Storage Box
Solid pine storage box for keeping all of your DM goodies inside. With a hinged lid and antique effect catch; this box is perfect for any DM.
                           - 370 x 270 x 140mm