Chessex Dice Subscription Box! A Set Of Dice Every Month

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Join our fantastic dice subscription service today! Every month we send you a brand new 7pc polyhedral dice set.

- All of our dice are Chessex dice so only the highest quality resin dice are included.

- We send you a full set every month. No end of lines, no mixed sets, most importantly no repeats!!

- No boring dice guarantee! We don't stock any plain single colour dice - every set we send you will be a combination of multicolour, speckled, shimmer, glitter, swirl or striped. 

- HUGE SAVINGS - All of our dice are usually charged at £12.99 per set saving you £3.00 per month.

- All of our dice subscriptions will be shipped on the 1st of every month


Dice Subscription Service. Every month we send you a 7pc polyhedral Chessex Resin Dice Set.

You are free to cancel any time - simply log into your account and under the subscriptions tab you have the option to cancel.

Dice are shipped on the 1st of every month after your first payment (e.g you subscribe on 10th September - your first shipment of dice will be processed on 1st October. If you cancel after your have made a payment you will still receive the dice you have paid for.)

No signup or cancellation fees. There is no minimum term with this service - just keep subscribing until you no longer need dice (if that's even possible!)

Want to join the action for this month only without subscribing? Simply select one time purchase to get this months dice set at the discounted price of just £10.